Biologic records co-founder DC Salas presents ‘Cala Falco’, the lead single from his debut album, packaged here as a 3-track EP featuring remixes by Hivern Discs regular JMII (aka one half of Olde Gods) and rising Belgian producer Le Motel, who has been garnering support from Lefto and Gilles Peterson of late.

‘Cala Falco’ is a slow building track that treads carefully between warmth and melancholy, using subtle harmonic
progressions to play with the mood of Joy Wellboy’s vocals.

For the remixes, Le Motel takes the melodic sentiment of the original and morphs it into a glistening ambient stepper whilst JMII’s ‘3AM Dub’ uses swirling pads, glitchy bass and disfigured vocals to establish a peak time groove.


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