Noah Pred and Kenneth Scott bring their fine tuned experience to Abstraxion & DC Salas’ Biologic Records imprint. The Berlin based pair again teaming up for some dancefloor flex that arrives just in time for the sunshine.

First up, title track ‘Polyglob’ brings a perky, major tonal drum loop dripping with pressure while a one-touch bassline bounces and fluctuates as it receives the full oscillator treatment. A joyous 11-minute cut of chopping, jacked up house, steered by as fat kick drum, bring a warm and swelling touch of summer magic to the dancefloor early.

In stark contrast to the summery vibes, the playful but heads-down ‘Chromaflux’ sees drawn out 8-bit synths sit on top of a thick, weighty sub bass rhythm, while dense layers of bass and delicate flanged melodies dance on top of the bottom line. A cut suited to more late night excursions, the pressured ticks and percussion bringing jacking sensibilities this polyrhythmic, hyperactive cut.

Finally, label boss DC Salas steps up with a technical workout of the title track. Starting with eighties styles electronic drums before pulsing, acid bass makes for an electroboogie groove, intertwined with wistful, melodic toplines and light, playful percussive elements.

What’s more, the Belgian retains the core elements found throughout the Polyglob EP – a sense of freedom, experimentation and unhinged fun.