Blavatsky’ takes us on a theosophical trip. All mid tempos and woozy psychedelics weaving, layering, twisting and taking sudden detours, not only does it sets the scene for what’s to follow but it’s flipped by a sublime
remix from You’re Me’s Yu Su who whips up an ageless nod to the legacy of Two Lone Swordsmen ‘Eiffel Tower Syndrome’ follows.

Intense, edgy, and prone to paranoid flurries over a heavy driving beat; unlike its medical namesake this will not result in disappointment. And neither will Simple Symmetry’s remix. Another thoughtful remix pairing from Biologic, here the Moscow brothers provide a flip that’s as similarly ageless as Yu Su’s; slower, heavier and rife with references, this one recalls the influence and energy of a young Coldcut when they first got fully paid.
Finally this pop-up Baltic/Slavic threesome end the release with the heaviest, most intense tune of the set.

‘Black Market Weekdays’ is a hot slab of rolling technoid drama with more eye-raising surprises than a truck load of knock-off DVDs and more weight than a tonne of counterfeit Rolexes. Murky, mean and fully forward-
focussed, let’s hope Panorama Channel & Pletnev find time to join forces again in the future…