Hot on the heels of their Pletnev & Panorama Channel pairing, Biologic invite rising French bass sculptor and
Rinse selector Malcolm to the fold for a brave new excursion into the rave hinterland. Smelting down everything we know, love and appreciate about soundsystem and bass culture, techno and melting pot alchemy, compounding it and flipping it in moody, deep stew, he delivers something genuinely unique and fresh here.
‘Badman’ ignites the smouldering sonic session with a slow-mo swampy low-end vibe that tips its cap just as much to jungle as it does techno thanks to its sense of tension and classic samples. Remix-wise Nathan Micay continues to unfold that immersive signature he’s been developing on LuckyMe with a breakbeat driven remix
Malcolm – Baptem EP (incl. Nathan Micay Remix)
that brings aspects of trance and classic electro into the mix.
‘Damâa’ takes us even deeper into Malcolm’s reference-heavy mix as he teams up with fellow Parisian resident ڭليثرGlitter٥٥ for a sublime Moroccan mission. Once again slow and moody, from its measured percussion to its rising harmonics, the mystic allure is pure and palpable in both the full vocal and instrumental forms.
We’re bid adieu with ‘Schaerbeek’, as Malcolm joins forces with Infiné’s Marc Mélia. Powerfully unhurried, scant on kicks and heavily layered in psychedelic acidic layers, the real payoff happens in the last two minutes. We won’t spoil the surprise but whatever end of the bass spectrum or hardcore continuum you dwell, you’ll be all over this one. Fresh, exciting yet completely entrenched in the rudiments of all things rave, bass, techno and soundsystem, Malcolm has fine-tuned an exceptional blend of elements here. We hope to hear a lot more from the young producer as he continues to forge his own unique path.