Caroline Duris

Caroline Duris has an array of musical diplomas from the National Superior Conservatories Of Music of Paris and Lyon. Caroline expresses her talent in an innovative memoir on the concept of color in music, a systemic study of motivation in Paris and a First Prize of Piano in Lyon. The composers that make up her repertoire include Brahms, Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Scriabine, Lizst, Ravel. She shares this inclination with audiences when performing recitals and concerts in France and abroad. One can get a glimpse of her performing in the French feature film “Arnacoeur” where she appears on stage playing Chopin. Caroline’s expertise contributes to many aspects of filmmaking: as pianist, musical advisor and also preparing and coaching actors on film sets. For the film “De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté” by Jaques Audiard, she played and recorded all the piano pieces and coached actors Romain Duris and Lihm Dan Pham. She has also sinced coached for other directors like Diane Bertrand, Jean Daniel Veraeghe and Bruno Chiche in 2010 and Michael Haneke in 2011. Caroline Duris also trained as a classical dancer with Solange Golovine. She expresses this newly found passion in the contemporary dance show “Piano Bunker” in 2009 in which she performs a duet with choreographer Marie-Pierre Rémi. Creating live “electronic” music is also part of Caroline’s artistic endeavors. Teodabvilabar Between 2008 and 2009 she participates in numerous DJ sets throughout the capital. at the “Plastic”, the “Kube”, the “Alternative”, the “Pin-Up”, the “Showcase”, the “Java”, the “OPA” the “Batofar”…. Her project, “Metatechno” is very appreciated by the press: Trax, Tsuji and Diva magazines all praised her work. In 2009, she plays live with the producer Harold Boué/Abstraxion, in Berlin, London, Bruxelles, Paris and Limoges, combining acoustic piano with electronic machines. Recordings of these performances have been released by the label “Biologic Records” who also produced Metatechno’s 2011 EP.




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