Kasper Bjørke

“I started the year by finishing the production of Polyester Skin
– a solo album for Danish friend and long time collaborator Jacob Bellens – something we have been working on together, for almost three years.
It will finally be released in February 2016 on German label Hfn Music. I also released two tracks on Relish together with Sexy Lazer as The Mansisters and a collaboration EP with Abstraxion – and also did a few remixes, for Italian cosmic disco legend Danielle Baldelli, Danish inde band Lowly (Bella Union), Thugfucker and Pillow Talk – and many more…
In August a remix version of my 2014 album “After Forever” was released. It contains remixes from Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Hotel Lauer, A/Jus/Ted, Matt Karmil and many more. Especially the Michael Mayer remix made some pretty big waves out there…

On the DJ touring front, I took it pretty easy this year – to spend as much time at home as possible with my son, who recently turned 1 years old.
Some of my tour highlights were my residency at Output in New York – and I visited Miami for a great gig at Bardot. Also I played Robert Johnson in Frankfurt for the first time (amazing) – and three gigs for Sonar Festival in Copenhagen, Stockholm and finally Barcelona in June, for a truly magical experience…. so wild to play infront of around 10.000 smiley faces in the sun!

And whats next…? Well, I have decided to wait a bit with a new album – and instead concentrate on some Ep collaboration projects for different labels – as well as a new solo EP on Hfn Music.
Some collab sessions are planned already and I look forward to going to Paris to work with Colder in the Red Bull Studio in March. Im a big fan of his albums and it will be interesting to see what we can do together. I will also be in Marseille to work with Abstraxion on a follow up to our last EP. And with my friend Sexy Lazer we will release an EP on Correspondant and one on Relish Records.
Finally, later this year I have two more EP collaborations planned, which I will keep a secret a bit longer… So, I think its safe to say that 2016 will be “The year of Collaborations, which I am very excited about!

To quote Eddie Murphy: “MERRY NEW YEAR”






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